It is possible to associate antivirus software with Windows computers. However it’s true that your Android smartphone could be equally vulnerable to viruses as other devices. Malware isn’t only a nuisance, slowing down your device and displaying annoying advertisements. It can also steal your identity and bank details. While Google Play has a range of security filters it is essential to have a reliable antivirus for your Android phone to guard against hackers and protect your private information.

Avira Mobile Security is one of the top free antivirus for Android smartphones. It has top scores in tests on malware removal and detection. It has a variety of options, including a malware scanner as well as WiFi network scanners. junk clean-up, data breach alerts, and an image vault. You can purchase premium protection either as a stand-alone product or as part of Avira’s Internet Security Suites, which are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bitdefender Mobile Security is another excellent, free choice for Android smartphones. Its malware scanner scored well in both hands-on and lab tests. It also has a rootkit detector and includes an inbuilt VPN to ensure secure browsing. It can also be used to control permissions for apps, block ads and surf safely on public networks. It’s important to note, however that you can only avail on-demand scans, and no real-time protection free.

Sophos Intercept X is a great option for advanced users looking to secure their privacy on their devices. Its malware scanner scored highly in lab and hands-on tests and find out here now also in its link checking, privacy guidance and QR code scanning. It also comes with additional options, like a scanner for two-factor authentication and a password generator.