To scrap #1 copper wire/THHN, it needs to be free of attachments. Scrap #2 copper pipe is burnt copper wire and copper with light tin coating or solder. To scrap dirty copper brass radiators, the plastic or iron can be attached without coolant.

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  • In order to scrap clean lead, it must be free of iron and dirt.
  • To scrap #2 copper wire/communication, it must be from phones with category 5 or 6 data wire.
  • Below is a list of cities in Washington for which we have looked up the latest scrap metal prices and the best scrap yards.
  • Coming off of cars these harness wires are great for scrapping.
  • View some of the special prices below and find out how to get them.
  • Scrap dirty yellow brass is mixed brass with iron or other contaminants.

In general outside of some high nickel content stainless steel alloys, carbide and other more rare scrap metals the highest value metal that we recycle is bare brite copper scrap. Other grades of metal are still very valuable and worth plenty of money but bare brite copper is often considered the top of the grade. For our industrial metal recycling customers, scrap metal pricing is communicated at the beginning of the month. Our customer service rep sends out a pricing sheet to each of our customers.


You will see the graph and daily price movements for the selected period. This is material that has plastic, steel, rubber, other metals attached to it. Higher-grade commercial scrap aluminum coming from items like windows, door frames, and a variety of other commercial uses/applications. From TV’s and will usually have plastic and coated copper wire attached. Bronze is a clean alloy that has no attachments, steel, iron, or other materials on it. #2 prepared scrap steel is smaller than 3 ft by 18 inches and contains a gauge of 1/8 inch or more.

lead scrap price

For example, at Scrap Gators, we offer full-service residential and commercial scrap services from Port St. Lucie. We have been working with Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. lead scrap price We collect, process, and sort metals into proper categories to be shipped to mills for recycling purposes. These are the most common items we accept at Scrap Mart.

View some of the special prices below and find out how to get them. Behind every price change is an insightful explanation of the forces driving the markets. If you’d like to use our pricing and analysis in your contracts, reports, and calculations, you need a data license. First, like every other state in the US you must provide a valid driver’s license to sell scrap in Washington. This will be kept on record along with the a description of all the material and the vehicle that you arrived in.

Prices will differ for each item and the metal it’s made out of. These are rough estimates of what current scrap metal prices are in Missouri. When recycling scrap metal it’s important to know the local laws for selling to scrap yards.

Luckily, the iScrap App has a collection of scrap metal laws for each US State. Find your state scrap metal laws and get the information you need to avoid problems when scrapping your material at your local scrap yards. Scrap metal prices are constantly changing so the iScrap App National Prices is a great resource for you to see the trend of where scrap prices are heading. Depending on the different metals markets, some metals may be on the upward trend while others are on the downward trend. Download the iScrap App for FREE and check National Scrap Prices Daily. Market trends and price changes are updated every day on the iScrap App.

Where can I find lead?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell lead, you’re in the right place to find the information you need to get the best value for your efforts. Collecting and selling scrap metal is an exciting hobby and fruitful side income. If you enjoy a good treasure hunt, then scrap metal hunting is definitely for you. There are well-known places to find scrap metal, such as dumpsters and construction sites, and there are some hidden gems for places to find good metal.

And bookmark this page for the latest updates to our copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and steel pricing. Associations like Battery Recyclers of America and local recycling centers can accept lead scrap. You can find recycling solutions in your area using Earth911’s database. An important part of the recycling and scrap process involves separating materials. Using a cutting torch creates temperatures high enough to melt leaded solder and vaporize surface lead, which can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

We scrap weights from auto and truck wheels with steel clips. Scrap dirty yellow brass is mixed brass with iron or other contaminants. With our fleet of trucks that include roll-offs and bobtails, we can service your needs in a quick and efficient fashion. We are open 6 days a week to ensure your metals can be delivered to our facility. HEPA air filtration systems can help reduce exposure to lead, as can removing coatings along cutting lines before cutting.

Please contact us through our Contact Pageto get in touch with a buyer. Ballasts come from inside of light bulbs and there generally are two types. Aluminum Wire that is cleaned of all insulation, plastic, or other debris will be purchased as a clean aluminum wire. Bare bright copper wire inside, single insulation on the outside. Scrap light iron/sheet metal may have small amounts of plastic or rubber and may also be called shreadables. Whole appliances are not purchased with out prior approval.

If you have questions about pricing, please call or e-mail Sahd Metal Recycling believes in transparent pricing for all of our customers! While scrap metal prices are changing see our price range section below to give you a general idea of what your scrap may be worth. Listed prices are the national averages paid by scrap yards in the U.S.A.

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About Who We Are Learn more about Rockaway Recycling and our family owned and operated scrap yard. Watch Our Videos Watch our videos to learn more about scrapping, what materials we take, and how to prepare them. Click to fill out our car recycling form with your information. Sadoff Electronics Recycling & Data Destruction protects your data and the environment. The SEDD website includes up-to-date information for pricing and fees.

lead scrap price

Lead-acid batteries have become an inseparable part of renewable energy storage systems, such as solar panels and wind farms. They are widely used in electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as for an emergency power supply in hospitals and other public institutions. Used in communications, three strands of bare bright copper inside and insulated. Scrap dirty copper aluminum radiators have plastic, iron, steel attached.

A very hard metal that is very rare and used in high temp productions such as the space industry. Towers must be intact with motherboard, power supply, harddrive, and all other components inside. Steel Case Batteries might not have the Pb mark for lead clearly on them, but you can run the model number to see what type they are. One of the densest metals, can be used from fishing weights to plumbing pipes.

Non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum prices, copper prices, brass prices, and stainless steel prices are all determined on a daily basis. Sahd Metal Recycling commercial recycling program customers have a formula percentage for their metals that is applied to dynamic live pricing. Metals are priced on the London Metal Exchange and stream on Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel can be very volatile and change minute by minute. Sahd Metal Recycling will honor pricing deals no matter the market and if you lock in a number we will stand by our commitment.

Fourth Quarter & Where Scrap Prices Are Heading

The prices listed below are city,state and country averages paid by scrap yards for Lead Scrap. Soft lead scrap is basically the metal that is free of any kind of impurity, such as oily or fatty pollutants and other metals. It comes mainly from lead cables after they have been stripped of their insulation jackets. This type of Pb scrap is traded at the highest prices as it requires minimum refinement and the quality of this lead is practically identical to its pre-recycled state. Rockaway Recycling takes pride in supporting local businesses and contractors. We offer special pricing for copper wire and cables to electricians in the area.

We’ve all seen those places along the highway, usually a small farm or a lot on someone’s property that is lined with a fleet of broken down old cars. You might ask yourself, “How does someone get to that point? It’s hard enough to own one or two cars, much less an entire parking lot full of them!

We maintain a rich network of contacts and apply a comprehensive price formation process. The assessed prices are not published until they have been peer-reviewed to ensure adherence to methodologies and pricing rigor. We also like to offer tips from our experience so you can get the best price for your scrap metal.